What is the meaning behind the Scrapbook and More slogan "smaller quantities - better prices"?

Our slogan "smaller quantities - better prices" is one that can be easily explained!
We offer many products on our website in smaller quantities!

You probably don't need a whole package of the same item[s], maybe you just want one or a few?
Or you want some but in different colors and/or designs.

Well, we offer that at Scrapbook and More, and of course, the prices are more affordable also.
So you have the option to buy the products you really want and for sure you are going to use.

So it's a WIN-WIN, right!

Is the Scrapbook and More website secured?

Yes, the Scrapbook and More website is SSL Secure Encryption.

Does Scrapbook and More ship worldwide?

Yes, Scrapbook and More ships worldwide.

How much does Scrapbook and More charge for shipping?

You can read more about charges under the menu tab "shipping" on our homepage.

What are the shipping methods at Scrapbook and More?

All orders are shipped with POSTNL and we always provide your order with a track and trace.

When postage is printed you will get updates through the email address you provided
when you created your account. 

You can click on the track and trace to see or get updates on your order.

What is the return policy at Scrapbook and More?

Click here to read more about the Scrapbook and More return policies. 

Is there a minimum order amount when placing an order at Scrapbook and More?

Yes, the minimum order amount is $20 for placing an order in the Scrapbook and More Shop.

What are the payment options for Scrapbook and More?

We offer the following payment methods:
PayPay, Mastercard, Maestro, VISA, American Express, Bancontact, SOFORTbanking, KBC/CBC and Ideal.

The above payment options are with NO extra charges!

Do you have a walk-in store?

No, we don't - Scrapbook and More is an internet store only, we do not have a brick and mortar store.
You can access the Scrapbook and More Shop 24/7.

What happens when an item[s] I ordered is damaged / out of stock / defect on the Scrapbook and More website?

We are sorry that this has happened and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

We will contact you and will let you know and refund you the amount that you were charged.

Does Scrapbook and More have multiple online stores? 

Yes, we have 2 online websites:

Our English / International website •
Our Dutch website •

When placing an order outside of Holland / The Nederlands please use our International website

Scrapbook and More is located in Holland / The Netherlands

When adding items to my cart on the Scrapbook and More website will these be saved?

No, items will not be saved "long term" they will be deleted after a few days by the system.

The best way to make sure your added items to your cart will be saved is to log in to your account or
create a new account.

Are all products and prices correct on the Scrapbook and More website?

We will try to do our best to ensure that the correct information about the product and prices are as accurate as possible.
But we do however make mistakes. 

Scrapbook and More has the right to cancel a product, change an items or a price[s] that haven't be added correctly to our website. 

We will always contact you before making any changes to your order!

How can I get in contact with Scrapbook and More?

You can always email us: info[at]
Or through our "contact us" form in the menu bar on our homepage.
We will get back to you as soon as possible!

I have another question I want to ask Scrapbook and More that I don't see in the above list!

Don't hesitate to contact us: info[at]
We will get back to you as soon as possible!